Emily Nielsen, DVM

Dr. Emily Nielsen has been a part of the SEAVS family since 2016, initially joining as an intern and subsequently rising to the position of a senior associate. Her educational journey includes a Summa Cum Laude graduation in Biology and Chemistry from the University of North Texas, followed by a Cum Laude graduation from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. As a dedicated practitioner, she has published a research paper on ball python reproductive cycles in the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery.

Born in Canada, Dr. Nielsen spent a significant part of her childhood in Australia. In 2006, she relocated to the United States to pursue her higher education. Her fascination for exotic animals began at an early age and she particularly enjoyed breeding lovebirds and rainbow lorikeets back in Australia. Presently, she runs a ball python breeding program. Her array of pets includes two dogs, guinea pigs, goats, chickens, various species of lizards, tortoises, and frogs. Dr. Nielsen insists that owning these animals complements her professional work, enabling her to better understand the multitude of health issues they may face and subsequently enhance the welfare of her clients’ pets.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Nielsen enjoys managing her small hobby farm, running, training her dressage horse, and spending quality time with her two young boys. She is ambitiously working towards a unique goal: to run a marathon in each of the seven continents, including Antarctica.

Dr. Nielsen is currently on track with her exotic companion mammal practice board certification. Her vivacious commitment to SEAVS is evident as she shares her enthusiasm for her work, expressing the deep-seated satisfaction she gets from her veterinary practice, the clients, and her anticipation towards a long and fulfilling career at SEAVS.