Exotic Pet Emergencies


Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services (SEAVS) sees scheduled appointments Monday through Saturday. Emergencies may be seen at any time during our hours of operation. Our facility is equipped to hospitalize patients overnight, however we do not see or admit patients after hours. Please also note that we are not staffed 24 hours. In the case of an emergency during normal business hours, please contact our office immediately. An additional emergency exam fee will apply in situations where we are required to bump our normally scheduled clients in order to address your pet’s needs first.

What constitutes an emergency?

Exotic animal pets are adept at hiding illness. By the time you notice signs of a problem, your pet may have been sick for quite a while. Signs/symptoms to watch for include decreased appetite and/or stool production, change in stool appearance or amount, change in thirst and/or urination, lethargy, piloerection (feathers or fur standing up, giving a fluffed appearance), eyes closed, etc. Should you notice any of these signs in birds or mammals, please contact us or an emergency veterinary clinic immediately. Please note that decreased or absent appetite is considered a same day emergency in birds and small exotic mammals. Although true reptile emergencies are uncommon, there are situations where bringing your reptile in immediately may be recommended. Should you have questions regarding your pet’s specific situation, or whether your pet requires immediate attention, please contact us or an emergency veterinary clinic.

Emergency Resources