shoshana-sommer-dvmDr. Shoshana Sommer received her veterinary medical degree from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, after which she completed a year-long exotic animal focused veterinary internship at SEAVS. She remained at SEAVS in order to pursue the two year residency program in avian medicine through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP), which she completed in July of 2016. She intends to finish her research papers and prepare for the specialty board examination in the near future.

Dr. Sommer has worked extensively with exotic animals in private practice, zoos, and conservation facilities. This has included work with endangered species in endocrinology research and animal management at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio, and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia. She also completed a veterinary preceptorship at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., during her veterinary school clinical rotations. In addition to exotic animal veterinary medicine, Dr. Sommer’s professional interests are varied and include international veterinary medicine, conservation medicine, and veterinary policy.

Outside of work, Dr. Sommer enjoys hiking and being outdoors, playing guitar and singing, and traveling nationally and internationally. She currently shares her home with a turtle, and counts a Congo African Grey Parrot, a Hahn’s Mini Macaw, and a Siberian husky as animal family members.